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Nacho Everyday Percussionist

Nacho Arimany’s years working with rhythm showed him how natural harmonic patterns heal the human body and mind.


At first glance, Nacho Arimany can easily be confused for a European version of holistic healer J.P. Sears in the “Ultra Spiritual” spoofs.

But after a few moments into an interview or demonstration, Arimany reveals himself as the real deal. Here, he explains the cultural component of the recent neuroscientific findings about the effects of movement and rhythm on the brain:


The Sound of Life

Nacho Arimany is a composer, multi-instrumentalist playing his distinctive signature sounds fusing world music and jazz. The Spanish-born, NYC-based artist works primarily with organic, natural melodies, heavily influenced by Indian and West African percussion, as well as oriental harmonies. Emerging out of the flamenco lineage, Nacho’s career has since seen him perform at the New York City Center Theatre, Lincoln Center, and at Carnegie Hall, as well as releasing a number of solo albums and devloping his signature Arimany Method, which hamonizes movement and voice around the Golden Ratio. He also works in the realm of sound therapy to improve brain function. We caught up with Nacho to go deep into the ideas and science behind his practice.




Elemental Sounds & Rhythms (Getting in Flow)

The Arimany Method is a movement and voice technique that helps to create specific architecture in the brain based on the properties of the Golden Ratio. By listening to resonant sounds, moving in specific patterns and harmonizing with our voice, we experience body and brain alignment. The result is a calmer, more productive body and brain.





New World Jazz

Rooted in the Mediterranean flavors of Flamenco, West Africa and South India, the New World Jazz Quartet provides a colorful and powerful musical experience fueled by a uniquely authentic approach to today's avant-garde jazz scene.




Song Circles

With this Circle Songs we are Bringing community together to sing and unfold the transformative power of our voices , by beating and creating strong pulse that will move us forward.

To experience the power of your voice and the pulse of the community awakening and supporting your true expression.


For the past 6 years Nacho Arimany has been giving talks internationally about the neurobiology of sound and the links with ancient traditions and neuroscience and how to built communities and the use of sound for transformation at venues such as UCLA, Rockefeller University, Summit series and its been featured in some TV shows and conferences like Synapse in St. Russia Music and Neurology conference 2019.

Special Events

Arimany has performed as vocal and percussion soloist at prestigious large venues and events around the world including , Lincoln Center NYC , Carnegie Hall with Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra, Dolby Theatre LA, and as guest artist at 2017 Latin Grammy’s Awards.



The neuroscience of Singing shows that when we sing our neurotransmitters connect in new and different ways . It fires up the right temporal lobe of our brain, releasing endorphins that make us smarter, healthier , happier and more creative. When we sing with other people this effect is amplified. Singing in groups triggers the communal release of serotonin and oxytocin , the bonding hormone, reliving stress and anxiety, and even synchronizes our heart beats.



New EP on Spotify Kaneno by Nacho Arimany